Wednesday, June 1, 2011

upstairs painting results.

We've finished all the painting that can be done at this point upstairs, and I'm super pleased with the way it turned out.

Here's the master bedroom in white, black (just on the fireplace), and China Blue:

Here's the hallway in Knoxville Gray (thanks Apartment Therapy -- been saving this link forever):

And here's the master bedroom closet in light blue (can't remember the official color name at the moment):

I need to get a better picture of this room (this one is with my phone) but here's the Princess Suite in white and Rain Puddle Green.  I keep thinking it looks like those old green chalkboards, after the teacher would write on them a ton and wipe them off.  Love this color.

Though the upstairs is nearing completion, there is still lots to do.  Unfortunately we had some sad news yesterday, and will be traveling to Canada soon to attend the funeral of Dan's father, so there may be less updating in the coming days.  Though he had been ill for a while, it's still hard to take, and Dan and I really appreciate the flood of well-wishes that have poured in.  Dan's dad was really excited about the renovation, and I hope we'll forge ahead with a renewed energy with him in mind.