Tuesday, September 13, 2011

blacker than the blackest black times infinity.

I've always wanted black floors and now I have them.  Boom.

Well, they're not done yet.*  But the upstairs is totally done, and the downstairs is in progress. We're both really exhausted from crouching for hours every day.  I just watched Dan fall asleep sitting up, which wasn't surprising.  He was up until 4am last night staining the floor.

The ebony stain we used turned out gorgeous, and the matte polyurethane enhances the luster of the floor.  I love the little bit of distressing we did to the wood, with chains, nails, etc.  I love the natural variation of how much the wood soaked up the stain, which helps it look worn and loved.  I love that the polyurethane makes the black pop but also lends uniformity and smoothness in texture.

Of all the tasks we've accomplished, this has surprisingly turned out to be one of the easier ones.  Take THAT, salespeople that try to sell us things in 4000 shades of brown, and then try to talk us out of painting them black!**

Tomorrow, more staining and polyurethaning, and coming soon -- KITCHEN-BUILDING.

*Don't freak out about the splotches along the bottom of the walls; they'll get covered up by the baseboards.  Also there will be way better pictures once baseboards are in and once I'm not taking hurried photos between batches of stain.

**Seriously I think there's some kind of a brown-pushing agenda out there amongst salesfolk.  Do they get some kind of fatter commission for proselytizing "toasted wheat field" instead of "ebony?"  I'm onto them.  I also noticed that in asking about white floors, the same thing happened.  The amount of hyperventilating that salespeople do when you bring up black or white instead of brown is astounding.  They're all like "Welllll we doooo have it, but...you know....most people..." and I'm like "BUT NOTHING!" Honestly people, it's not like there are some brown cabinets in my house I need to match this stuff to.  Relax.  Relax and hand over the ebony stain. /rant