Thursday, September 15, 2011

floors done, kitchen started.

Firstly, the roses are killing it.  Super high winds today, and they seem unfazed.  The pink ones are bigger than Sophie's head.

Everything except the stairs is stained and polyurethaned, and it looks great.  KC also hung all the doors upstairs.  Today we unloaded the trailer full of Ikea cabinets that's been sitting outside of our house all year, and started putting them together.  Here's to lots of tiny little wooden pegs and metal tacks and instructions with no words.


This week's thanks go out to James and Stefan for helping with the floors, and Richard for helping with the cabinets.

Tomorrow the drywall guy comes to finish the last couple of spots (which had to be cut out for plumbing), and the plumber comes to TURN ON THE HOT WATER.