Wednesday, November 23, 2011

office: after.

Here are some quick shots of the office that I took yesterday.  It's hugely important for the office to be comfortable, since I'm working from home a lot now.  So far, I love it.

On the north wall are these very useful bookshelves, where we keep general office supplies and books related to our jobs and hobbies.  Dan's side is full of books about electrical codes and tube amps.  Mine is full of fashion, crafting, and etiquette books.  [The vast majority of our books have now been organized downstairs, and photos will come of those soon.]

Here's Dan's side of the room (west wall), optimized for music and for collecting piles of paper:

My side of the room (east wall), optimized for typing and crafting (that white wardrobe contains an explosion of craft stuff that is currently shamefully unorganized):

And next to the door (south wall) is our futon, which is now ready to accept out-of-town guests.  OR just people who don't want to drive back to the Fan after hanging out here.

Here are some "before" pics of the office.

Looking west through to the princess suite:

Looking east through to the master bedroom (that brick fireplace was painted white and is now mostly behind the office wardrobe):

Freshly-primed northwest corner: