Sunday, December 18, 2011

dining room table.

Yesterday we drove to Waynesboro to pick up our new dining room table, and it looks great.  Thanks so much to Dan's mom for this excellent Christmas present!

And here's the view of the unpainted heart pine underneath:

And here's the maker, Bryan Black, with his wife Susan in his workshop.

Doing a search for the term "farm table" on Craigslist and Ebay did NOT turn up many bargains, and I couldn't find anything in local antique stores that wasn't tacky or too small. The idea is that we'll be extending hospitality to others as frequently as possible, so we didn't want a little round 3-seater of a table. 

Luckily though, Craigslist did turn up an advertisement for Concepts Created, the Waynesboro workshop of Bryan Black.  He makes beautiful tables and both he and his wife are delightful to work with.  I highly recommend them.

Dan and I picked out wooden legs from another family-owned hand-turning business in Georgia and had them shipped to Bryan.  He was able to source the lumber for the top from an old church (built in 1895) in Charlottesville, and he selected the floorboards from the altar to use for our table.  After putting it in a dehumidifier for a few days, he got to work putting the whole table together, painting, distressing, and adding a protective coating.

For less than any of the other antique and new farm tables I saw during my search, we were able to have a custom family heirloom made by a local woodworker.  Success!

If you're in the market for a table at all, please support Bryan's business.  He rocks.

The gorgeous drive out to Waynesboro and lunch in nearby downtown Staunton (adorable!) weren't half bad either.  I love this state.