Saturday, January 14, 2012

new mirrors and lighting.

We're getting ready to order supplies for finishing the dining room.  But in the meantime, we've been on the hunt for some things at antique stores, thrift stores, etc.

We knew we wanted a few large mirrors for the parlor, dining room, and entryway.  So we pretty much just bought some cheap ones that needed a little work, and I spent a day cleaning, covering, and painting them last weekend.  Here's the one that ended up on the parlor mantel:

I love the floral scroll detail on this thing.

 One of the mirrors  -- the huge one in the dining room -- came from my mom's cousin David, who apparently used to collect antiques.  Now he wants to get rid of some, and mentioned it to me at Christmas.  I was like "I will take ALL THE THINGS." And I'm so glad, because this mirror really worked out.

There's another mirror that might work for the entryway, but we have to finish a couple of other things in there before we can hang it up.

In terms of lighting, there has been a bit of a surprise deficiency here -- even by my standards, and you know I love to sit in total darkness most of the time.  But at the old house we had pretty much staple-gunned Christmas lights to everything, et voila, flattering and cheap light everywhere.  When moving out, the half-working light strings and terminally dusty paper lanterns were balled up and thrown away and forgotten.  Then when we unpacked everything at this house, we realized we were in great need of some lamps.

Here's the new parlor lamp:

And here are some very steampunk lamps that go perfectly on our bedside tables, especially on Dan's next to his Arthur Conan Doyle and his pipe tobacco.  Hooray, good reading lights.  And yes, we still have nothing on the walls.  Patience, patience.

In the master closet, Dan installed a mini chandelier that fits right in and looks like it's always been there.  Pro tip: buy "childrens" or "babies" lights, because they're a fraction of the cost.  And does a larger person really need a way larger light?  No.

And here's a gratuitous picture of Lianna's cat, Gracie, just being cute.