Monday, April 2, 2012

spring planting done.

Well. I gardened from 9am - 9pm on Saturday and 5pm - 9pm on Sunday (I had to work), and finally all the planting I can do right now is done.

The front garden was quickly freshened up with some new dusty miller plants on either side of the rosemary, some new dianthus, and a new coat of black mulch.  That took all of half an hour.  But the real work was in the backyard.

Basically I had a blank slate of mostly-bare, rocky ground to work with.  On the left-hand side of the yard the soil is very clay-like and hard, and on the right-hand side, it seems to be more of the regular old dirt I'm used to working with.  Everywhere there are tons of worms, so that's good.

Herbs, etc.

Along the left-hand side of the yard I planted, from closest to the house to farthest from the house:

-- camellia bush
-- sage x 2
-- basil x 2
-- parsley x 2 (curly-leaf and flat-leaf)
-- dill
-- rosemary
-- cilantro
-- [then there's a giant tree]
-- rosemary again
-- dusty miller
-- dianthus
-- sedum
-- dusty miller
-- dianthus
-- sedum

Berries, etc.

Along the right-hand side of the yard I planted, from closest to the house to farthest from the house:

-- camellia bush
-- dusty miller
-- dianthus
-- blueberry bush x 2
-- raspberry bush x 2
-- blackberry bush x 2
-- [dusty miller and dianthus alternate between all these bushes for a little color]

Also there's this little rocky planter box next to the shed that I filled with the leftover dianthus and dusty miller.  Hey, they're pretty and you can get a flat of like 22 of them for $11.  I wanted some lambs' ears and maybe a peony bush, but I couldn't find them in the two places I looked.

Roses and boxwoods

In the middle of the yard there will soon be a path, which will Y off at the other end of the yard -- one sub-path going to the shed, and one sub-path exiting the yard via some forthcoming stairs.  In the little space formed between these sub-paths there are six english boxwoods in a little semicircle, and within the semicircle is a little white rose tree, a la Alice In Wonderland.  It'll be sitting in a pretty, tall pot of some sort, after I find one.

Everything mentioned in the sections above was duly mulched.


Then I tried to break up the rest of the ground as best I could with the hoe and the rake, and get rid of the little bit of old, dead sod that remained.  I then raked it over as evenly as possible, and sowed grass seed with the little push spreader Dan got last year.  Then I added fertilizer and topsoil, and watered the heck out of it.

I also have a little makeshift border laid for the future path using spare strips of wood, so I can see where it'll be and where I don't need to have grass growing.  I'm going to pick up the gravel later this week probably, and put that down.

So.  It's been a productive weekend, and I'm so glad I was able to get everything done.  I just wish my whole body wasn't so sore.

Special thanks to that guy at Lowe's who notified me that I could just pull the truck around and they could load mulch and topsoil directly into the bed of the truck, rather than me dragged it all out to the truck and doing it myself.  I am...not really an expert in how Lowe's operates, truthfully.  Which seems silly, as much gardening as I do, but I've never had to start a yard totally from scratch.